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Ecommerce Features:

  1. Own E-commerce with your own domain and logo
  2. Android application of e-commerce
  3. iOS application of e-commerce website
  4. Delivery application for admin to track deliveries
  5. One payment gateway
  6. One shipping API integration
  7. Dynamic super admin panel to manage whole website on your own
  8. Integrated with billing and accounting software for ease
  9. Automatic Stock Management with Billing and Accounting Software
  10. Add categories up to four layers.
  11. Product filtration on the basis of category, price etc.
  12. Image zoom in option for detailed view
  13. Whatsapp integration for live product demo
  14. Loyalty point system
  15. SEO friendly templates for e-commere
  16. Scale up server space and bandwidth whenever required
  17. Good website speed
  18. Set product classification titles for your website like Top selling products, newly added products, Offer products etc.
  19. SMS integration wherever required
  20. Customization option with relevant charges

Ecommerce Design Features:

  1. Many designs to select from for your e-commerce
  2. Color combination of website as per the logo colors
  3. Customization available for designs
  4. Universal search option on top of the website
  5. Show similar products for each item
  6. Social media platform links

Customer Account Features:

  1. Customer registration
  2. Add to cart and checkout
  3. My orders option to keep record of all orders so far
  4. Order tracking option
  5. Cancel order option
  6. Download invoice from account itself
  7. Review and rating for completed orders
  8. My wishlist option
  9. My account for any updates and changes
  10. Support option to raise any tickets related to any issues
  11. View tickets as per actual status
  12. Customer wallet with loyalty points record
  13. Redeem points option
  14. Notifications

Products upload features:

  1. Upload products to website directly from billing software
  2. Add product variants
  3. Option to add multiple images of each product; set one as thumbnail.
  4. Product video and PDF option
  5. Add special offers with the product
  6. Show discount on MRP
  7. Add specifications for each product
  8. Active/Inactive option for each product
  9. Product description option with 4 layers
  10. Customize your product description titles
  11. Select classification of the product while uploading
  12. Show product only when it is in stock

Admin account features:

  1. Add company details like About Us, Services, Privacy Policy, Refund policy, T&C etc.
  2. Manage social media links
  3. Update contact details on website
  4. Update banners and gallery images
  5. Add FAQ and answers
  6. Discount coupon setup
  7. Payment mode and gateway setup
  8. Manager return and refund reasons
  9. Update images, favicon and website headings
  10. Manage product classification
  11. Manage testimonials on website
  12. Manage product review and ratings by customers
  13. Manage shipping charges
  14. Manage loyalty points
  15. Create and manage loyalty point redemption system
  16. Report of users wallet transactions

Order management features:

  1. Get orders in billing and accounting software
  2. New order pop ups on screen
  3. Separate module for online orders in billing and accounting software
  4. Select order and process it
  5. Update in customer account for each step in orders process
  6. Cancel order option
  7. Orders filtration on the basis or stages like packed orders, pending orders, shipped orders, delivered orders, completed orders etc
  8. Stock adjustment as per order transactions

Interactive Dashboard:

  1. Pie-chart and table summary of leads
  2. Reports on home page for – Missed follow ups, delayed follow ups, Suspects, Prospects, Sales closed and assign to others etc
  3. Daily leads summary via charts
  4. Today new leads column
  5. Today follow ups column
  6. Pending follow ups reminder as pop ups

Lead management options:

  1. New lead form with description and document attachment option
  2. Complete communication history of the any lead with time and user stamp
  3. Easy list view of all leads in report section
  4. View and update any lead without leaving the main page
  5. Multiple filter options using – Create date, Modified date, Follow up date, Assigned date, DOB and expected closing date etc.
  6. Can check leads of the team members as well
  7. Modify leads of team as well
  8. Team performance summary using filter
  9. View sales report
  10. Download all data to excel format
  11. Bulk upload of leads through excel file
  12. Facebook leads direct upload option
  13. Integration with Indiamart for direct leads update
  14. Assign leads to any user in CRM
  15. Complete record of assigned leads

Ticket management System for customer support and service:

  1. Customize ticket form
  2. Customize tickets reporting pattern
  3. Define priority and service type as suits your business
  4. Create tickets
  5. Assign tickets to concerned user
  6. View tickets with multiple filters like type, urgency, date and status.
  7. Ticket escalation system – auto transfer of tickets to next user
  8. Pop- ups and reminders

CRM Mobile application features:

  1. Real time data update
  2. User friendly interface
  3. All lead management options on mobile application as well
  4. “Track me” option for geographic location tracking
  5. Auto attendance using app login details

Customize your CRM as per your business:

  1. Customize lead status
  2. Add lead source
  3. Add your products and services
  4. Customize e-mail temples for bulk mails
  5. Customize your new lead form
  6. Add new fields when required
  7. Set sequence for the fields as per your priority
  8. Customize your reporting pattern

User management option in CRM with following features:

  1. Add roles in CRM and give them permission in software
  2. Add users branch wise and assign roles to them
  3. Add salary details
  4. Map users in teams as per hierarchy

Sales target and performance tracking:

  1. Assign customized sales target for users
  2. Auto update of achieved target when deal is closed
  3. Graphical comparison of target achieved Vs target assigned
  4. Target reports
  5. Sales team location tracking through mobile application

Project management in CRM:

  1. Create “N” number of projects
  2. Add modules to the projects
  3. Create work within the project modules
  4. Assign work to users with time limit
  5. View assigned work status

Add on smart features:

  1. Connect your website with our CRM
  2. Separate module for developers in CRM for daily updates
  3. General remark option for users to add any ad-hoc task taken
  4. Extra working ours record for users
  5. SMS panel integration
  6. E-mail setup for bulk mailing
  7. Track sales person on map

Billing and Accounting features:

  1. Offline Billing and Accounting Software
  2. Online Billing and Accounting Software Online
  3. Mobile App of Billing & Accounting Software
  4. Data synchronization among all version
  5. Synchronization control option
  6. Unlimited transactions
  7. User friendly interface
  8. Dashboard info graphic summary about top selling products, top buyers, top categories sales wise, minimum stock etc.
  9. Shortcut keys for important modules
  10. Dashboard notifications
  11. Keyboard operable
  12. User management with different application rights
  13. Wholesale module
  14. Versatile Tax System- Item Wise, on Total Or ZIP Code Wise
  15. Manager, Lots, Rack, Expiry, Serial Number etc.
  16. Manage Product and Services Both
  17. Multiple discount option
  18. Product master suggestion
  19. Data import and export options
  20. Import purchase from supplier directly with invoice number
  21. Multiple company option
  22. Multiple branches option
  23. Data security with multiple encryption system
  24. Data backup and restore options
  25. Data recovery
  26. Troubleshoot option
  27. Integrated with Tally for import and export
  28. E-mail integration
  29. SMS panel integration
  30. MIS reports
  31. Separate module for online orders
  32. Integrated with e-commerce for order and stock management
  33. Barcode generator
  34. Pop up reminders for minimum stock and customer maintenance
  35. Customization available with relevant charges
  36. Self-Defined/Configured Software Set-Up
  37. Compatible with any printer and scanner
  38. System hardware independent
  39. Technical support and training

Purchase Module features:

  1. Purchase and Purchase Order Management
  2. Purchase order PDF
  3. E-mail and SMS integration
  4. Supplier credit/debit record
  5. Purchase return

Sale module features:

  1. Sales Management
  2. Customer credit/debit
  3. Sale return
  4. Sales order
  5. Challan
  6. Quotation
  7. Online orders managemnet
  8. Invoice Printing
  9. GST Calculation
  10. Discount Calculation


  1. Invoice report
  2. Purchase report
  3. Supplier receipt report
  4. Purchase return report
  5. Purchase GST report
  6. Purchase GST return report
  7. Stock summary
  8. Minimum stock report
  9. Damage stock report
  10. Negative stock report
  11. Projection report
  12. Stock ageing report
  13. Sales report
  14. Sale GST and Sale GST return report
  15. Sale return report
  16. Purchase order report
  17. Ledger reports
  18. Stock adjustment report
  19. Payment collection report
  20. Product expiry and rack report
  21. GST reports
  22. Sales order report
  23. Challan report
  24. Stock transfer report
  25. Quotation report
  26. Cash expanse report
  27. Schemes report

Accounts module features:

  1. Account master
  2. Journal entry and reports
  3. Expense management and reports
  4. Ledger entry – General and single party
  5. Trial Balance
  6. Profit & Loss
  7. Balance sheet
  8. Bank reconciliation
  9. Advance payment and Advance receipt

Application master features:

  1. Add company and select company
  2. Add supplier/Add opening balance
  3. Add customer/ Add opening balance
  4. Manage customer groups
  5. Inventory master
  6. Four level product categorization
  7. Define units, size and colour
  8. Two levels of alternate units option
  9. Manage product groups
  10. Option to add product attributes
  11. Add product/service
  12. Bill of Material (BOM)
  13. Multiple price options
  14. Add minimum stock, opening stock, opening amount etc.
  15. Negative stock & Sale without purchase options
  16. Upload product images and description
  17. Manage product groups and specifications
  18. Manage item centers
  19. Stock transfer option
  20. Manage schemes on the basis of products, customer groups, time period etc.
  21. Define bank charges for card payments
  22. Invoice settings
  23. Multiple Address

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